It’s RFE season!  That means you or your employee or client has a one in four chance of receiving an RFE on their H1B petition.  Some of the most common RFEs for this visa have to do with the candidate’s education. 

If you or your employee or client has a degree that does not match their field, a degree from outside of the US, incomplete college, or a degree that doesn’t have the word “degree” in the title, you will need to find the right credential evaluator for the job.  Many education RFEs occur because the petition was submitted without a credential evaluation, or a credential evaluation that did not take the nuances of the visa requirements, the job, the degree, or CIS approval trends into consideration.  Do not make this same mistake when responding to an RFE.

When looking for the right credential evaluation agency for the job, keep these five questions in mind:

1. Are they affordable?

The right credential evaluation agency is inexpensive.  This is not one of those situations where you get what you pay for.  The agency that wants to work with you keeps their rates reasonable.

2. Is it easy to work with them?

You will know the answer to this in pretty short order.  Do they answer or promptly return your calls, texts, or emails?  Do they answer your questions to your satisfaction?  Do they make you feel comfortable in your communication with them?  Do they offer rush delivery options?  Agencies that regularly work with visa cases and their RFEs understands the time crunch you are under and makes it easy for you to get what you need when you need it. 

3. Did they ask about the candidate’s job and visa?

If the answer to either of these is no, look elsewhere.  In order to write the right credential evaluation for your client’s case, the evaluator must know which visa they are working with, and what job the credential evaluation is for.  Educational requirements vary from visa to visa, and what combinations of education and work experience CIS will accept as equivalencies vary as well.  You don’t want to end up with the right evaluation for the wrong visa. 

4. Does the agency regularly work with RFEs, Denials and NOIDs?

If an agency works regularly with these cases, they understand what causes RFEs for H1B visas, and how to properly address them. 

5. Do they offer a free review of the case before you order your evaluation?

If an agency doesn’t review the case first, there’s no way they can know what the evaluation will entail.  Never put down money without a consultation of all of your options.  If an agency demands money up front before they will even look at the candidate’s documents, look elsewhere.

If you, or your employee or client has an H1B RFE for an education situation, let us provide a pre-evaluation with all of your options free of charge.  Simply go to ccifree.com and attach the educational documents, a current resume, and the H1B job title, and we will get back to you within 24 hours with your pre-evaluation, a full analysis, and all of your options to overturn the RFE.

About the Author

Sheila Danzig

Sheila Danzig is the Executive Director of TheDegreePeople.com a Foreign Credentials Evaluation Agency.  For a no charge analysis of any difficult case, RFEs, Denials, or NOIDs, please go to http://www.ccifree.com/ or call 800.771.4723.  

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