At this time, H1B Petitions have been shipped to USCIS and we are all eagerly awaiting the lottery results. GET LIVE UPDATES FROM OTHERS and ADMIN, PLEASE COMMENT WITH YOUR CASE DETAILS.

Please note that if the H1B Check (Cheque) has been encashed by USCIS, your Employer can view the H1B Receipt Number on the Back of the Check Image by accessing Bank Account. The receipt number is 13 Characters either starts with WAC (California Service Center) or EAC (Vermont Service Center) followed by numbers based on Employers or Work Location.

If you have a Receipt Number, you can track your application here at USCIS CASE STATUS

Please check with you employer if the H1B was shipped to a correct USCIS address with signatures on required forms and a proper filing fee or it will be rejected by USCIS prior to Lottery 

This discussion thread is created to track and discuss H1B FY2018 Status of your Application, please add comments with the status of your application including the service center where it was filed. I will reply to every comment and provide useful information and updates on this thread as we get notifications from the USCIS. 

If you have a mail tracking number, you may access from the following Links: USPS  FedEx  UPS 

You may Comment with the following information and let's share information to help each other! 

H1B Shipping Status, Lottery Results (Picked or Rejected), Check (Cheque) payment status, H1B Receipt Status, H1B RFE (Request for Evidence), H1B Approvals.

For more information, please read How to ensure your H1B is Filed with the USCIS

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We have filed 7 cases, 4 Masters, and 3 Regular..I do not see any Checks being cashed yet!
Out of 16 application our lawyers info us 12 have being selected , we are in upstate new york only 4 were computer realted of which 2 we're selected

Looks like this year less prefrence in H1 for IT realted field , anyway seclion valley hated MR T
Thank for the update...
Does this mean that results are being shared for this years lottery?
Yes. People are already getting H1B Receipts.
did the masters cap selected petitions , all of them got receipt numbers until when we can wait these time with a hope ?

Dear Sir / Madam,

I am currently on an L1-A (and wife n kid are on L2) valid until Oct 2018. My company applied for my H1 (and family's H4) under COS (Change of Status from L1 to H1). 

I just received the following msg from my company:

"Congratulations! The H-1B cap petition filed on your behalf was selected in the lottery. We have received a USCIS receipt notice, and the petition will now be processed.

H petition accepted in the lottery. Receipt notice received. Awaiting adjudication."


1. Does 'selected' mean that my H1 application is approved? If not, what are the next step(s) and related timelines before finally receiving the H1 visa?

2. I am planning to travel to India from mid June to mid July 2017 while my wife n kid would be travelling to India from mid May and come back to US together with me in mid July 2017.

Considering that I am currently on L1A and H1 is 'selected in lottery', how would my (& family's) India travel impact the COS? Would I need to do anything related before / after the travel?

Before filing the H1 application, my company attorney had mentioned that if I (and / or my family) travel outside US anytime between Apr and Oct 2017 then my COS would be automatically be cancelled by USCIS and I would need to go out of US (preferably back to Home Country - India) to get H1 stamped and then return to US. Is this correct? 

Will there be any problems travelling back to US (in July 2017)? 

Is there a risk of H1 rejection (if I have travel out and come back again)? 

If I (+ wife n kid) travel a little later (say mid / end June 2017) then would this COS be smooth i.e. I won't have to go out of US again for H1 stamping and the visa will automatically change from L1 to H1 in Oct or is it that I cannot travel out of US anytime until Oct 2017?

If I am required to go out of US for H1 stamping then can I get the stamping done anywhere (e.g. Canada) or do I need to go back to India and then get it stamped there? Any advise?

I need to urgently confirm my India travel dates and take care of work accordingly.

Request your urgent + kind guidance on this. 

Thanks & regards.

Can you tell me the process for L1A?

Are you as a business owner on L1A or something else?

I am currently in India and had filed for the H1B. 11 days back I was informed by the firm(through which i applied) that my cheque was encashed. However, I have not yet received my Receipt Number. Is this delay normal and does it have any impact on the further processing of my H1B.

Looking for some clarity.

H1B status is approved on  USCIS site, but my attorney says he got RFE, what are the chances for getting h1b

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