One of those asked was my “Evaluation of Foreign Education”. My immigration lawyer said that he submitted an evaluation from XXX. He has always used XXX and never had a problem before. He says “Maybe XXX had a recent problem with USCIS. But I searched the internet, and never found such a problem. My lawyer’s solution is, to have my transcript evaluated by another institution. I’m wondering now if my lawyer got his facts right. I cannot afford his “Maybe” when I only have 1 shot at replying to an RFE. My RFE also asked for “Evaluation of Training & Expertise” and “Evidence for Recognition of Expertise”. My lawyer said that I need not submit all 3. I just need one, and the easiest would be the “Education Evaluation”. I could not, however, find any part of the RFE that says “submit any one”. The way I understood it is, to submit all 3. Anyway, can anyone here (especially those approved) tell me what institution did you use for the education evaluation?
asked Apr 14, 2014 in Degree Evaluations by anonymous | 1,356 views

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USCIS does not have problems with evaluation agencies in general. There are no "approved" agencies or lists. There are standards that must be followed and CIS cannot not ask for more than that. They cannot hold one agency above another. As far as what you must send, you need to either trust your attorney or consult with another attorney. Sheila Danzig, Executive Director, CCI http://www.TheDegreePeople.com
answered Apr 14, 2014 by anonymous

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