I'm working for one of the consultant in EVC model. I have certain questions regarding h1b visa if my employer is generating salary slip for me for last 4 months and not paying to me. He is generating salary slip for 80 hours only. Now he telling me to join one client.

Q1. If I want to change employer -  is it possible to transfer my h1 visa?

Q2. If I go for stamping Does it will create any problem?

Q3. If I want to file for Green Card- Does it going to create any issues?

Kindly advice.

asked Feb 4, 2017 in H1B: Transfers by dan (23,616 points) | 334 views

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Q1. If I want to change employer -  is it possible to transfer my h1 visa? 

Yes, you can transfer your H1B. However, you should not just get stubs without a project and you should move to a project or transfer your H1B immediately.

Q2. If I go for stamping Does it will create any problem? 

It may create a problem as you are not in any project, I am not sure in your situation as you have not provided detailed information.

Q3. If I want to file for Green Card- Does it going to create any issues? 

This should not cause any issues with the GC process.

answered Feb 4, 2017 by dan (23,616 points)
Thanks for prompt response.
I will be joining new project on 13 Feb 2017.

Q1 What documents I need to get from my employer to join project in San Francisco?

if I go for stamping after 3 months of joining client -

Q2. What will happen? Whether I will get stamping? Whether those generated salary slips will create any problem in future?

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