H1B Initial Package

The H1B Initial Documentation Package is required by every Company before you can file H1B Visas. It is a good idea to prepare proper H1B Supporting documentation before you attempt to file H1B Visas, to avoid the Risk of receiving H1B RFEs and possible H1B denials.

Under your guidance, we create a detailed first H1B Package for your Company, which becomes your permanent property for filing H1B Visas. The package is useful for every H1B you file including Fresh H1Bs, H1B Extensions, H1B Amendments, etc.

The package includes every document you require from Company side like USCIS H1B Cover Letter, H1B Visa Offer Letters, H1B Employer-Employee Relationship/Supervision Process, Project Description, Employee Handbook, Itinerary of Services, Organizational Chart, LCA/Public Access Files Templates, etc.

We will also collect your Company-related documents and build a single package which consists of 300-500 Pages to establish that your Company is operating and you have Specialty Occupation work available. You may choose an entire package or individual documents customized for your Company.

Package Cost: Call or Email for Pricing!

• Includes all items listed below plus 3 Technical Project Descriptions consisting of Daily Duties and Time Lines/Percentages of Duties

Individual Documents

  • USCIS Cover Page: Call or Email for Pricing!
  • Collection/Organizing Company Documents: Call or Email for Pricing!
  • Employment Offer Letter: Call or Email for Pricing!
  • Employer-Employee Relationship/Supervision Process: Call or Email for Pricing!
  • Employee Handbook: Call or Email for Pricing!
  • Business Plan: Call or Email for Pricing!
  • Public Access Files Templates: Call or Email for Pricing!
  • Project Descriptions: Call or Email for Pricing! (each)
  • Organizational Chart: Call or Email for Pricing!
  • Itinerary of Services: Free
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